Week of September 20: Release of Passport 2.0 & UI improvements
Hi everyone,
Last week we reached an important milestone 🥳! We released the infrastructure for
Passport 2.0
! This includes contracts upgrades and changes in the back-end and front-end, as we now allow for not only one credit score, but an arbitrary number of scores. The ARCx credit score still being our main focus,
we are now open for partnerships of other protocols to piggyback on our infrastructure and host their own score on our platform
Although this was the main focus for last week, here are the other updates:
  • 🛂 Added new Optimism skins!
  • ✨ New app reskin (still ongoing). We are in the process of releasing new branding material, so brace yourself for new changes!
  • 🔨 Improved testing infrastructure
  • 🛂 Improved functionality for
    . It's possible that you're not very familiar with this unless you watched/followed our community updates. This is essentially a library that allows integrating partners to display the DefiPassport of the currently connected wallet if that wallet has one.
  • 🩺 Improved monitoring of the overall system health.
  • ✨ Minor UI polishes such as showing
    in statistics instead of a loading animation, etc.
  • 🐞 All DAOGE skins are now shown on the skins page
  • 🐛 Fixed a CORS bug causing some screens to show error messages
  • 🔨 Fixed a bug causing some pages to not load if a wallet was not connected.