Engineering Updates | Weeks of March 29 and April 5
In the past two weeks, our engineering team has really been down in the trenches in building Sapphire (v3).
The good news is we made a lot of progress and although it may not show on the surface, things are moving very fast. In fact, we even expanded our engineering team by
a new full-time member
🥳 who will work on the credit scoring system! This now takes the entire ARCx full-time team to 6 people.
So what did we exactly do in the past two weeks related to Sapphire? 🔷
  • A very extensive
    test suite
    for the new contracts has been written. There is still a bit of work to be done here, but we have enough that allowed us to start with the implementations confidently.
  • The smart contracts related to the credit score are all
  • We are currently working on the
    implementations of the deposit, borrow, repay and withdraw functions
    and things are moving at a good pace.
  • The
    off-chain system for parsing user data and assessing a credit score
    has been
    and its implementation has started.
  • In parallel, we are working closely with an amazing designer to make a fresh
    new landing page and dapp
    . Updates on how that looks like will be posted soon 👀
We are doubling down our efforts on Sapphire and can't wait to ship it to you! 🚀
Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 9