Engineering updates - May 28
Engineerin-Update (1)
TL;DR: the timer on the launch pad has started. Sapphire is rolling out on Rinkeby.
It's May 28 already! It's crazy how time flies! This is always a good sign for us here at the engineering team - it means we've been plenty busy while having a blast! So we'll try to consolidate as much as we can in this post.
Yes, we've seen the memes over at the 🌐 arcx-speculation channel (see below) 😂 , and we promise to do everything we can to speed up the shipping process without sacrificing anything important.
So without further ado, let's dive right into it!
Big picture updates
The community is not the only one waiting to see Sapphire come to life. This is why we had some orientational meetings to ensure everyone is well aligned and working efficiently to deliver Sapphire as soon as possible. To that end, we defined
two phases of delivery:
  • Phase 1:
    allow users to
    sign up
    for a Defi Passport, then allow them to take part in an
    exclusive farm
    with their DeFi Passport!
  • Phase 2:
    allow users to deposit and borrow using their DeFi passport, while their credit score is ever-evolving and being updated according to our machine learning models.
  • We can't give specific dates in this post, but we can definitely say that
    more official updates (with dates) are on their way
    very soon
Sapphire Contracts
  • 🔏 We have received Quantstamp's audit! The good news is
    no critical or major security vulnerabilities were found
    . There's a number of small adjustments to do, however, just to make the contracts
    and we patched everything last week. We can't wait to share the report with you!
  • 🚀 To prepare for Phase 1, we have
    deployed all Sapphire contracts on Rinkeby
    for testing with the upcoming UI. Hey look, here's one!
Sapphire Back-end
  • 🏎 The back-end is well aligned for Phase 1. The
    bot detection service
    is done and we are now finishing up the remaining work to
    periodically update
    the credit scores on Rinkeby.
Sapphire Front-End
  • ✨ The majority of React components for the new web app are done.
  • 🚧 A basic user interface to allow for the implementation of the logic is complete.
  • 🧹 We have done some refactoring to clean up some old code
  • 👩‍🔧 Many people wanted it fixed and this task was at quite the bottom of our to-do list. Nevertheless, we replaced "Graebers" with "ARCX" for the reward of Farm 9. A PR is on the way at the moment of this writing 🍪
That's pretty much it, stay tuned for more! ~