Engineering Updates - June 23
Hi everyone!
In the past few weeks, we have been laser-focused in developing the Sapphire front-end, and as the days pass, we can see the launch quickly approaching! Have a look at what's cooking!
Smart contracts
  • 📜 We have completed the development and testing of the
    DefiPassport NFT
    Defi Passport Claimer
  • 🔮 Completed the
    oracle of the first collateral to be used in Sapphire
    (can't announce what it is yet 🤫 )
  • 👩‍🔬 Implement more
    recommendations from Quantstamp's audit
  • 🛠 Made
    solid progress on the UI/UX of the Sapphire dApp
    . We're super excited about the launch! 👀
  • 🧪 Improved our
    front-end test infrastructure
  • 🛂 Implemented the design of the first default passport skins!
  • 🚀 We are very excited to announce that we were able to do a
    full flow on Rinkeby
    . This is comprised of signing up for a passport, getting a credit score, minting the Defi Passport NFT (with skin) and farming with a Defi Passport! (Alpha leak: 🤫 )
  • 🔧
    General maintenance
    of the repo, cleaned up tests, etc - putting it in shape for the launch
  • 🦺 Create a backup service with Google Cloud if our main method of publishing the credit score tree on IPFS fails.
Most moving parts are in place now. We will now shift our focus towards improving the UI/UX, gathering feedback and getting the rocketship ready for launch.
That's it for now! We'll start beta-testing in the very near future, so stay tuned!