Engineering Updates - July 7
Hi everyone!
If in the past two weeks we were in architecting and building mode, we are now officially in the
polishing mode
! This post features a
bug reporting automation, UI/UX improvements and a team expansion
Since launching Sapphire requires a lot of moving parts being brought together, we will not divide this post into different categories anymore, since all "sub-systems" now work hand in hand.
Without further ado, let's dive into the updates!
  • 🦾 We have
    streamlined the issues from Canny into our internal backlog!
    The way this works is all issues that are marked in the ARCx Alpha Feedback board as
    by an admin get added in our internal backlog. When we start working on a task, the status of the issue automatically gets changed to
    in progress
    , and when we complete it, it gets marked as such! This is a step forward to bringing more transparency to the community and speeding up the iteration loop.
  • ✨ Now that all functions are in place, we are getting feedback, fixing bugs and
    polishing the UI
    on a daily basis.
  • 🔧 Added redundancy and
    improve efficiency
    in the way the front end gets a credit score proof for a user.
  • 🕰 Added a
    variable on the SapphireCreditScore contract to allow us and other protocols to reference the epoch of a certain credit scoring state in time.
  • ⚙️
    Created a microservice
    that responds to a GET request and returns an account's credit score and its proof for interaction with the Sapphire contracts.
  • 🌲 Created a
    microservice for signing and publishing
    the credit score Merkle tree's root.
  • 👨‍💻 We have
    expanded our team
    on the back-end! We are excited to welcome
    (Discord handle) onboard!
That's it for today, stay tuned!