Hi everyone!
We hope everyone is doing well. As usual, we want to keep you informed of what happened during the past week and a half with the engineering side of things.
From our last post, it looks like you prefer this style of update rather than a cold, bullet point form of technical updates, so we will keep going unless there are any complaints 😇
Of course, don't hesitate to give us feedback of any sort. All constructive feedback is welcome, so if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in these posts, feel free to tag @gtupak in our Discord or on Twitter.
Alright, let's get right into it!
Our efforts are currently split into 3 aspects: writing the
smart contracts
for Sapphire (V3),
designing and developing
the new UI that comes with it and the
credit scoring system back-end
. Since our last update, we continued our efforts on that front.
Sapphire smart contracts
  • We have booked a formal security audit that will kick off next Monday, so we focused on finishing off the smart contracts. Good news! 🥳
    At the moment of this writing, all of our smart contracts are completed!
    We keep writing more tests, however, to make sure we're in a good shape for submitting the contracts for review.
Sapphire UI
  • We continued working closely with our designer to polish an amazing new UI that we're super excited to release. Updates on that front include
    the finishing of the new landing page, as well as good progress in developing new UI components for the fresh new dapp
    ✨ . Little spoiler here 🤫 : the new landing page will have a web3 component for people to connect their wallets to! More details on that coming soon™!
Credit scoring system
  • A solid chunk of work has been done on the credit scoring system aspect as well. Lately, the focus was to parse event logs and structure them in a database for easier processing. And so, we managed to build a system to successfully parse event logs from the blockchain at a very high speed, which pushes us one step further towards building the
    passport issuance service
And this is it! Stay tuned for some exciting news dropping early next week!
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